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Emerson FarmCSA

About the CSA

Emerson Montessori Foundation launched a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program in spring 2020.


Members of the program pay for a weekly share of organic, seasonal vegetables grown at Emerson Farm, the 1-acre farm on the northwest corner of the Emerson Elementary campus. 

Every dollar from every member directly supports farm production, allowing the foundation's small team to seed, plant, harvest, and distribute crops all year round and restore the area's natural beauty and biodiversity. 


Join the CSA

We are currently in production to provide 40 members with fresh, front-door delivered produce. Additionally we are raising funds to sponsor Emerson Elementary classrooms with shares of produce. If you are interested in sponsoring a classroom please visit our GoFundMe page.


Contact Ryan Pickop at or 918-859-3099 to learn more.

Why join the CSA


Homegrown honey from a CSA member.

"My first attempt at cooking okra and my kids loved it...My 9-year-old says they taste like French fries! We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with our weekly goodie bag!

—Andrea, Emerson parent


"These greens are the best I’ve ever seen!" 

—Jessica, Emerson parent

"This has been such a wonderful addition to our family's meals. We just pickled four pints of okra and six pints of cucumbers from our CSA." 

—Colleen, Emerson neighbor

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